Belgrave Heights Convention Centre

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre is located approximately 50km from Melbourne’s CBD in the Eastern Suburbs of Victoria. The property contains 8 hectares of gum, eucalyptus bush and a mix of ornamental plantings.
A huge variety of available spaces and facilities guarantees a wide array of options for talks, presentations, activities, and downtime.

Some Melbourne natives may have seen a fraction of this venue before but be not hasty to judge it by a single building! Not only are there swathes of grounds unseen, but the venue is currently being overhauled with completely new, modern accommodation areas being added, and a massive new dining area.


  • New accommodation facilities with ensuites
  • Panoramic multi-use auditorium
  • Abundant breakout rooms and activity areas
  • New dining facility with gorgeous bush views and alfresco balcony dining
  • Lots of outdoor space for activities and exploration

Their Vision

Belgrave Heights Convention Centre exists to inspire and equip Christians to love and live for Christ in this world. This means that their venue is purpose-built for this type of event, with the necessary equipment and spaces for nearly any relevant activity for youth conferences.

The New Amenities

They’re so new, that they’re still being constructed! We’d love to share some imagery of the new gorgeous new facilities, but we’d rather wait until they’re ready for the lime-light. Trust me though, they’re nice.

Location, Location, Location

Located within just around the corner from many of Melbourne’s top attractions, there are so many nearby activities for us to explore. But, even for the locals who have seen it all already, it’s not too far from many more exotic attractions that fly under the radar. Stay tuned for our day trip options!